Trading of Ceramics Products

We are Trading & Consultancy Company having office in United Arab Emirates. We have taken Agency of prominent suppliers from Europe, India, and China. In UAE also we are putting up a JV unit to produce Flushing system for Sanitaryware.

    • We are leading suppliers of raw material, equipment & spare parts to ceramic Units (Tiles, Sanitaryware & Tableware)
    • Change Management
    • Strategy / Value Creation / Transformation


  • Single firing high Glossy Transparent& Opaque Frits & Composto Glazes
  • Titanium Frits
  • Engobes
  • Double Firing Transparent & Opaque Frits and Glazes
  • Kaolin for Glazes & Engobes
  • Colours for Body & Glazes
  • Porcelain Glazes
  • All type of Inks from Spain
  • Zinc Oxide
  • Wallastonite
  • Zircon & Non-Zircon Base Ceramic Opacifiers to replace Zirconium Silicate for cost reduction.


  • Deflocculants to replace or reduce consumption of Sodium Silicate. These chemicals for Body & Glazes reduce the Ultimate application cost.
  • STPP replacements special Deflocculants
  • Body Binders
  • Printing Material & Fixatives
  • Nano Wax for Nano Polishing Chemicals
  • Sodium Lignosulphate & other Body Binders.


  • All kind of Spares not mentioned before for Ceramic Tiles & Ceramic Units.
  • Prints Heads all makes suiting to various models of various suppliers of Digital Printers.
  • Print Head cleaning Machine.


  • Business Consultancy for select Ceramic Units
  • Trading of Industrial Equipment & Spare Parts & Raw Material
  • Agency Services for Equipment and Spare Parts Suppliers, Glazes, Colours, Inks and Chemicals
  • Expertise in Change Management
  • Turnaround Strategy / Value Creation and Transformation.
Ceramics Industry

We deal in Equipment & Spare Parts & Services for following departments for example:

  • BODY PREPARATION: Ball Mills, Mechanical Pumps, Iron – removers, Piston Pumps etc.
  • GLAZE PREPARATION: Ball Mills, Sieves, Magnets Special Iron Removers etc.
  • DRYERS: Horizontal and Vertical Dryers & Modification.
  • PRESSES: different capacity.
  • KILNS: Single and Double firing.
  • POLISHING LINES: also Polishing tools.
  • SQUARING & CHAMPHERING: also cutting & squaring and Champhering tools.
  • GLAZE LINES: all spares & Iron removers.
  • Digital Printers.
  • SW GLAZING: Glazing Robots.
  • MOULDS & PUNCHES including De-aeration punches, HELC system to increase output from Presses.
  • HIGH ALUMINA BALLS & LININGS normal density as well as high Density products.
  • Replacement of Diaphragm Pumps to reduce cost of running of Compressors.

Introducing high efficiency firing system in KILNS with alternate sources to save at least 10% fuel consumption per day.


a). All kind of Spares not mentioned above for Ceramic Tiles & Ceramic Units
b). Prints Heads all makes suiting to various models of various Suppliers of Digital Printers
c). Print Head cleaning Machines


a). Flushing System – Single Flush and Duel Flush
b). Accessories as per your samples
c). Seat Covers
d). Sensors for seat covers and complete sets
e). Glaze Robots from China. Many customers are using these Robots Worldwide

Please note that our Prices will be competitive than your present supplier for same specification material and the Quality will be Guaranteed for all items including SW Flushing systems, Mould and Punches etc.

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